Things to Know About Intense Pulsed Light Hair Removal

Intense pulsed light hair removal is available at salons and spas like Solace Wellness Center & Medspa. Women in particular tend to seek out this service to have hair removed from areas like the underarms and above the upper lip.

Hair Color

The treatment is most effective for dark hair and may not provide satisfactory results for hair that is a very light color. If the hair is difficult to distinguish from the skin, this therapy won’t work because the device essentially cannot identify the hair.

IPL vs. Laser

The other common hair removal technique uses laser energy, which has the advantage of better precision. However, IPL Hair Removal in Merrimack Valley is more affordable, even though the client will probably need more sessions to achieve optimum results. It can take up to 10 sessions since the light is not as intense as laser light.

In addition, the pulsed light strategy can effectively tackle larger sections of hair at one time. This makes it more useful for leg hair removal, for example. Men who want to eliminate back hair also will benefit from IPL treatment. Men who have an excessive amount of beard growth also may choose this therapy.

How It Works

With IPL treatment, the hair is permanently removed because the light kills the roots and disrupts the growth cycle of the follicles. A small amount of hair will likely still remain, but the growth is slowed tremendously and the strands are much thinner than normal.


The process may cause a bit of discomfort, but less than is true with the laser and especially with waxing. For 48 hours after the hair removal session, the skin will be sensitive. It’s best to avoid taking hot showers or baths, and the treated skin should be kept out of the sun. Tight clothes that cause friction on the treated area should be avoided.

After this type of hair removal, people feel more attractive and enjoy the convenience of not having to shave regularly. Some will need maintenance sessions to keep the results at a satisfactory level. This might involve one or two sessions a year.

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